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As a fixer and local producer, Lars von Lennep is taking care for additional crew and kit booking


Lars von Lennep and Judith Contreras

I love my profession and I have worked on broadcast projects all over the world with a strong focus on the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). Being part of multinational crews is my daily business. Currently I'm working mainly in Germany and Austria.


TV Journalist with background in cultural history:

I'm a historian and journalist with focus on cultural studies, later European history & politics of the 20th century. When you're filming a documentary with historical content, I will understand your story and what content you may be interested in additionally. Often I can suggest additional facts, matching contributors and great locations with a strong context.


I'm Lars von Lennep and I'm looking forward to welcome you and your crew for a shoot in Germany and Austria! Do not hesitate getting in contact:

+49 170 4113433 /

Advanced skills in production & budgeting

As holder of a TV Producer Certificate (CCI) I'm a master in the field – I know all production needs...blindfolded. This is why I care for efficiency and why I offer full transparency in costs and budget.


Media expert certified by the United Nations

I am a Field Producer and Fixer as you would expect - a troubleshooter who takes good care of you and your crew. As a participant in the joint UN and Bundeswehr* training programme for the Media working in war and crisis zones, I always remain calm and relaxed. Especially when filming in Germany...that's a walk in the park!


(*UN/German Army Infantry School at

Saaleck-Barracks, Hammelburg)

Plus: I've learned from and worked with the best, including 3 Academy Award winning directors and DOPs


Media Training at Infantry school

Thank you four weeks and month of telling great stories together:

The Yesterday Channel (UK). Lars von Lennep has supported several documentary shoots for their international program BBC World News is reporting frequently from Berlin and they often give me a ring to support their journalists as local man on the ground UKTV has started as a joint venture of BBC and Thames Television and is nowadays strong in streaming tv programs. I support as service producer As a local producer Lars von Lennep is contracted often by Discovery Network and its production companies, taking care of fixing and logistics As a local journalist, I am working for international newspapers also. I do additional story research and establish contacts to politicians I was contracted by Channel 4 from United Kingdom as local producer for TV news broadcast stringer and fixer in Cologne and Berlin Travel Channel choose Lars von Lennep as their man on the ground in Munich and Cologne. They filmed scenes for travel show Legendary locations Channel 4 from Sweden worked with local researcher and fixer Lars von Lennep in Hamburg/Germany. They filmed an episode of Sporlöst tv magazine


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