Photpgrapher Eric Kvatec from New York taking a fashion shot in Berlin

FASHION SHOOT "Kapital Denim Osaka/Japan"

Season after season, Japanese brand Kapital manages to excite, confound, inspire and captive with its range of clothing. Designs blend familiar and innovative ideas, and utilize top-tier construction and materials. The brand isn’t afraid to take risks and embrace esoteric or quirky concepts.

With such experimental and unique clothing, the brand needed an alternative to bland industry-standard lookbooks. So they teamed up with Brookyln-based photographer Eric Kvatek to produce in-depth photo books, cataloging each season’s garments on unconventional models in peculiar locales. The latest book — called Denim Bauhaus — showcases the latest collection in Berlin, Germany. The urban setting is a departure from many Kapital books, and models are posed around

Soviet-era buildings, historic landmarks and former US military installations. Formidable architecture — angular, imposing, bleak — is a canvas for intricate garments: an Ainu-pattern denim jacket, a Coogi-meets-boro cardigan, a puffy, woven

ripstop vest. >> I supported this fashion shoot as local fixer for logistics as well location scouting and locking

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Locations for fashion photography are found preselected and locked by local stringer Lars von Lennep


Client: Eric Kvatek / New York

Brand: Kapital Denim / Osaka

Location: Berlin

Category: Commercial

I supported the shoot for the Krampus episode of this US travel show as local fixer in Munich/Germany


Let's see the fun stuff – frequently I'm filming with small camera crews that do reportages and pieces for the Travel Channel (US), CNN or for the Food TV Network. Such shoots need to be prepared quickly and when filming, we have to deal with big amount of spontanity. Yes that's fun! >> I took care for transportation, filming permissions, translation on the ground and for additional story research

Josh Gates filmed new episode of Expedition Unknown travel show in Munich and Berlin. I supported as local fixer and researcher

TV ENTERTAINMENT "Quest for the Nazi gold"

Josh Gates travelled to Europe  in search of an elusive Nazi fortune hidden with a code allegedly created by Hitler's private secretary, and embedded into a piece of sheet music. This episodes leads him to Amsterdam, Berlin, Eisenach, Munich and to the German Alps. >> I was contracted as fixer and local service producer and took care for logistics, additional research as well for props and costumes the image for trailer or snippets


Client: Circle The Globe Inc. / Los Angeles

Brand: Discovery Networks / USA

Location: Munich, The Alps, Berlin

Category: TV Entertainment

Here we are filming scenes for a commercial on behalf of German liquor brand Jaegermeister. Stringer Lars von Lennep is the location manager
Even when the production is running smoothly, the help of a location manager or local producer is welcome for fixing minor problems immediately
When filming in a tv studio or on private property, the local fixer will take care for logistics over the day as a unit or location manager the image for trailer or snippets

COMMERCIAL "The Jägermeister Manifest"

They told us that the secret recipe of Jägermeister could be refined no further. But they prooved that this belief was wrong - and Jägermeister Manifest was born. We filmed at the original destillery place of Jägermeister to investigate the make of this new and strong elixir...


Client: N.A.F. / London

Brand: Jägermeister / GER

Location: Wolfenbuettel

Category: Commercial

You can find some of my work for Cinema or Television at IMDb. My work for News Broadcast or Commercials will be featured from time to time here at this place. out for my upcoming Instagram feed as well !

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At this cinema movie I was involved as location manager and local fixer for the filming on location in Germany

CINEMA "Never look away"

Inspired by real events and spanning three eras of German history, this new movie by Oscar-winning director Florian Henckel  von Donnersmarck tells the story of a young art student, Kurt Barnert who falls in love with fellow student, Ellie. Her father, Professor Seeband, a famous doctor, is dismayed at his daughter’s choice of boyfriend, and vows to destroy the relationship. What neither of them knows is that their lives are already connected through a terrible crime Seeband committed decades ago. >> I supported filming at Academy of Fine Arts Dusseldorf as the local fixer and location manager


Client: WOA Film / Berlin

Brand: Walt Disney / USA

Location: Duesseldorf

Category: International Cinema the image for trailer or snippets

Dent filmed on behalf of Ogilvy One in Munich urban city impressions to feature a new vintage series of adidas trainers
When Adidas issued the trainers from the city series, DENT INT. from South of London came for filming to Munich/Germany
Local producer is locking up great locations and spots that add to the story. The location is crucial part of the look and feel of a film

FASHION SHOOT "The Adidas City Series"

Ok, the era when Adidas entered higher fashion creativity levels is long time gone (20 years ago...remember the "Berufskleidung for the Freizeit" line or the Missy Elliot collection or the "Japan" trainers made of glove leather...) but from time to time, there's a spark coming back. Currently, a sparky was caught by the creative fire of director Matthew Dent from the South of London. Adidas issued a vintage-inspired range of city-dedicated trainers as "Hamburg" and "Munich" – and DENT INT. shot some great little films on the original places- >> thank you for contracting me as your local fixer !


Client: Ogilvy One / London

Brand: Scotts / UK

Location: Munich & Herzo

Category: Commercial

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Lars von Lennep was contracted as location manager for a cinema movie shoot, taking care for all the logistics on the ground

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CINEMA "Undine" by Christian Petzhold

Undine works as a historian lecturing on Berlin’s urban development. But when the man she loves leaves her, the ancient myth catches up with her. Undine has to kill the man who betrays her and return to the water. >> As field producer and location manager I supported this great shoot in several areas of the German "West Midlands"


Client: Schrammfilm / Berlin

Les Films Du Losange / Paris

Location: Solingen, Wuppertal

Category: International Cinema the image for trailer or snipped


Client: Like A Shot / London

Brand: Yesterday Channel / UK

Location: Berlin, Nuremburg,

Cologne, Munich, Baltic Coast

Category: Documentary

My job in this 6 parts documentary filming was researcher, field producer and local fixer in Munich, Berlin, Augsburg, and Nuremburg and Cologne


It's probably the greatest historical "what if?" of all time. A question that fascinates and horrifies in equal measures: what if Nazi Germany had won the Second World War? In this brand-new and exclusive six-part series, author and historian Guy Walters reveals how Hitler had already started to implement plans of world domination long before the war had started and explores how the Fuhrer intended to carry them out, regardless of the human cost. >> As service producer and researcher for Germany, I supported this 6 episodes docu series that is shown at Yesterday Channel (UK), SKY and other channels worldwide the image for trailer or snippets

Local Producer on loacation at the remains of the Berlin Wall. When producing documentary, time is money and time is story telling time
Lars von Lennep supported Jamie Theakston and his camera crew as field producer in Berlin, Munich and Vienna

TV DOCUMENTARY "Behind the Berlin Wall"

Jamie Theakston's Forbidden History uncovers the startling truth behind great myths, historical legends, conspiracy theories, ancient treasures, lost civilisations and war time secrets. >> As Field producer I supported Jamie and his crew looking behind  the hidden remnants of the Berlin Wall, that notorious symbol of division to tell the story of East Germany's State Security Service...


Client: Like A Shot / London

Brand: Yesterday Channel / UK

Location: Berlin

Category: Documentary

TV DOCUMENTARY "The Harz' Steam Rail Enigma"

Many of the world's most spectacular railways are surrounded by mysterious stories, tales and sagas. The fact is that what is often seen as beautiful today sometimes has a very dark and chilling past. Many railroads were constructed and used during history's most turbulent periods and have long-buried associations with some of mankind's ugliest deeds. But a great many of these back stories have been lost to the passing years and are now unknown, even to those that work or travel on them every day. These are the Secrets of the Railways...

>> As local producer I supported filming of the Germany episode of season 2 in the mountain area between Quedlinburg, Wernigerode and Nordhausen. Here Europe's longest steam rail network is still under fire - a story we had to tell ! the image for trailer or snippets


Client: Argonon / London

Brand: UKTV, Sky / UK

Location: Harz Mountains

Category: Documentary

Filming scenes for a branded documentary series in Jena and Berlin (Germany)

Visit...Website of the Embassy of Frames (NL)

COMMERCIAL "Living with HIV"

This international project, commissioned by Merck MSD and shot by the creative bunch of Embassy of Frames (Amsterdam) follows the stories of three German HIV patients: All from different backgrounds, all with different views on life and living. The films are  part of a broader campaign to educate medical professionals on the lifestyles of HIV patients, so that those on the front line of prescribing and administering medication and advice are able to better assist these patients and help them lead more comfortable and fulfilling lives.  >> I supported as local fixer and enjoyed very much working with all that nice people that came together in this shoot !


Client: Embassy of Frames / Amsterdam

Agency: Flare BBDO / London

Location: Jena, Berlin

Category: Commercial


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